startups @ harvard


We are a community of students at Harvard who are passionate about startups and tech products that will shape the future. Launched Fall 2023, we hope to provide a space for CS students to learn about startups together and explore entrepreneurial careers. We are funded by Harvard Computer Society and Women in Computer Science.

students discussing startupsvisiting a startup during trekpanel q&a about startupsleaving boston for startup trek


  • Startup Series: We host a biweekly startup discussion group; each time, we choose an up-and-coming startup to read about and discuss together.
  • Startup Trek: We organize an annual trip for Harvard students to visit high-growth tech startups and ecosystems in NYC. We took 12 students to NYC in Feb 2024 for the first Startup Trek!
  • And more: Community socials, build sessions, and startup talks.

Join us

If you're a student interested in joining our events, please fill out this interest form.

If you're part of a startup interested in engaging with our group, please reach out to us at